Modern everyday
banking engine

PocoSys everyday banking engine enables the core functionalities of a bank: current and deposit accounts, payments, debit and credit cards.

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Banking technology that really makes the difference.

A cloud-based system using modern open source technology with a high level of security.

We help to create Digital Banks

We are a tech company with a financial institution license helping to build digital banks from scratch within months. Our team of seasoned experts will help you in each step of the journey in becoming a truly digital bank.

We offer our Core Banking Engine and Digital platforms to build a digital bank fit for your unique features and needs.

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Validate ideas with real customers

You can use our setup (regulatory licenses, organisation and platform) as a testing platform where you can test and validate your new ideas within weeks. The pilot allows you to gather valuable data from real customers to validate if you should commit to the idea on a larger scale.

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Use cases

Helping an Existing Bank to Transform into Digital

For a bank with an existing core system and ongoing business, we help our partner to bring specific product offerings (e.g. everyday banking offering to consumers) into the new platform – our Engine. Our partner can gradually bring products and features to the new platform. Through such transformation, you can quickly provide exceptional user experience and new product offerings to chosen segments, reduce costs of the product and gradually transform into a digital bank with minimum risks.

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Building a Digital bank for a Newcomer

For a newcomer (e.g. Consumer Finance, Telecom, Retailer, FinTech) wishing to offer everyday banking products, our multidisciplinary teams can help our partner to build a digital bank from scratch – from defining strategies and designing customer journeys to live launch and fine tuning.

Our partner can use our financial institution licenses (payment institution, MasterCard, SEPA), set-up and team to get to the market quickly – this enables the partner to properly build the required setup and organisation to become a bank. While making necessary preparations, you can already offer banking products to the end-customers through our whitelabel banking services.

Once ready, you can take over the business and technology to run the bank independently.

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A bank or a newcomer may have great idea for a product or transformation, but before committing and changing its organisation and investing considerable amounts, our partner can test the idea with real customers. By leveraging our Engine and whitelabel banking services, you can quickly pilot the proof of concept with real customers in a closed environment. Through the pilot, you receive valuable information which either gives confidence to pursue with the idea or save tons of trouble and investment.

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Our Engine empowering Digital Banking

  • Modern and proven technologyModern and proven technology

    The system – both core banking engine and digital channels - run on a modern, tried and tested technology framework that has been proven in a large number of mission critical systems.

  • Secure and CompliantSecure and Compliant

    Our system has successfully passed multiple penetration tests and security audits (including OWASP ASVS Level 2, PCI DSS). Our systems are constantly updated to ensure regulatory compliance. It is already in use at existing financial institutions.

  • Open BankingOpen Banking

    Our Engine and APIs enable you to get a competitive edge because of the opportunities enabled by Open Banking and the leverage of Third Party Services in your product.

  • Leverage your DataLeverage your Data

    Our Engine and Hosting setup enables us to quickly use extensive analytics and data warehousing tools. This way we can make data driven decisions and personalise offers to your customers, while not forgetting the utmost importance of data protection.

  • AutomationAutomation

    Creating servers, configuring the system, deploying applications and databases. All of these are automated processes. Automated tests cover every angle of our product.

  • Easily ScalableEasily Scalable

    Our Engine is scalable both horizontally and vertically. System performance has been tested by leading banks. We are ready to demonstrate the Engine’s performance based on your customer and transaction volumes.

Quick time-to-market

We love to be challenged by quick deliveries and intense timelines. Our aim is to have the first product out in the market within 4-6 months. We are keen on delivering on our promises.

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Our team and expertise

PocoSys is not a proprietary banking technology, but our people are passionate about transforming banking into the digital age. We are professionals who have built, run and advised banks and start-ups.

As our team entails a wide range of competences, we can offer dedicated multidisciplinary teams to work with you throughout the journey of building a digital bank.

For more information on our offering, a product demo or just to get to know us better, you can reach us here:

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