The Pocosys white label banking software enables excellent
products for different industries by combining our
customers’ business with our banking core products.
We create bigger value and help with growth.


The Pocosys white label banking software helps our clients achieve different business goals

Our banking software and services can be designed into a modern digital bank or
just serve your purpose of retaining customers with an efficient loyalty engine.

We would like to share two of our customers’ stories with you

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

A digital lender in Europe asked us to help them raise customer retention. Our current account product gave customers a good reason to return. The digital lender now offers a credit line linked to a banking account and a MasterCard debit card. The Pocosys banking core system helped both to keep customers coming back and to add a new revenue source for the company.


Starting a new bank is a long hard journey, but everything becomes easier with companions. Neobank Pocopay was created to change the way how young people interact with money. Opening a banking account, payments, money requests and debit card security management are made with one fingertip. Customers are never bored while making transactions, as those are associated with gifs, pics, chat and made to personal contacts, not bank requisites.


The Pocosys core banking system has a rich set of features

There are over 100 different features in our banking engine, which can be enabled for your customers by connecting to your user interfaces via APIs.

With Pocosys you are good to issue white label debit or credit cards of your brand. We have all of the necessary infrastructure
in place for issuing and processing bank cards.

Our mobile team would be happy to build a mobile application if you do not have one yet.

Payment account
Payment account
Send and Receive Funds
Send / Receive Funds
Debit and Credit Card
Debit & Credit Card
Value-added Features
Value-added Features
Digital Onboarding & KYC
EU Wire Transfers (SEPA)
NFC Card Issuing & Management
Personal Finance Management Tool
Manual Onboarding & KYC
Intrabank Payments
In-app Security & Limits Mgmt
Social Features such as emoticons & gifts
Online Account Balance & History
Money Request (E-mail, Phone No)
Secure Online Payments (3D Secure)
Invite friends
Deposits & Interest Calculation
Instant Re-Charge with any Debit & Credit Card
Block / Unblock Card in App
Referral & Rewards platform
Family Accounts (parents, children)
Bill Sharing & Splitting
PIN delivery via App
Loyalty engine
Merchant services (QR payments; E-com)
Payment templates
Credit line
Notification center

Pocosys has a fully ready banking as a service operating model

Starting a banking business is costly and time consuming. We have invested into the establishment of a full set of required legal and operational processes.

Pocosys provides banking as a service under payment institution Pocopay AS, which gives us the right to issue our own banking
IBAN accounts and to be an indirect participant in the SEPA system in cooperation with Lithuanian central bank.

We are the principal participant in the MasterCard card program, which enables us to issue our own white label debit and credit cards.

Licences payment institution

Licensed payment institution

We are a fully licensed payment institution supervised by the Estonian Financial Supervisory.

PCI complianced

PCI compliant

We comply with robust security and data protection standards which apply to organisations and large banks handling and processing correlated data.

Linked to card scheme

Linked to card scheme

As a card issuer, we are connected with MasterCard and adhere to all MasterCard guidelines and rules applied to organisations issuing MasterCard branded cards.

Secure mobile applications

Secure mobile applications

Our mobile applications have successfully passed penetration tests against OWASP security standards carried out by independent renowned security experts.

Audited IT processes

Audited IT processes

After successful examination by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, our IT organisation and processes adhere to OTGovernance Framework of PwC.

Part of pan-EU payment scheme

Part of pan-EU payment scheme

We are part of SEPA, a pan-European payment scheme and adhere to its rules. The funds of our customers are protected and ringfenced.

Trusted reliability

Modern and proven technology

Modern and proven technology

The system - both the core banking engine and digital channels - run on a modern, tried and tested technology framework that has been proven in a large number of mission critical systems.

Secure and compliant

Secure and Compliant

Our system has successfully passed multiple penetration tests and security audits (including OWASP ASVS Level 2, PCI DSS). Our systems are constantly updated to ensure regulatory compliance. It is already in use at existing financial institutions.

Open banking

Open Banking

Our Engine and APIs enable you to get a competitive edge because of the opportunities enabled by Open Banking and the leverage of Third Party Services in your product.

Leverage your data

Leverage your Data

Our Engine and Hosting setup enables us to quickly use extensive analytics and data warehousing tools. This way we can make data driven decisions and personalise offers to your customers, while not forgetting the utmost importance of data protection.



Creating servers, configuring the system, deploying applications and databases. All of these are automated processes. Automated tests cover every angle of our product.

Easily scalable

Easily Scalable

Our banking core engine is scalable both horizontally and vertically. System performance has been tested by leading banks. We are ready to demonstrate the Engine’s performance based on your customer and transaction volumes.

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